Custom Furniture

Bespoke furniture made to fit your spaceā€¦ perfectly. Using pleasing proportions to design and prototype your new furniture and executed using only the finest hardwoods. Begin the journey into the world of custom heirloom furniture that will be handed down for generations. Contact us today to begin your story.

4-6 Months estimated

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Millwork and Fenestration

Doors, Windows and any other fenestration. Custom moldings and CNC design and fabrication. If you can describe it, we can probably make it for you. If you have a project that you would like help with please reach out to us.

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We have a sign out in front of our shop. Along with this single page website and an Instagram account we don’t advertise. We are too busy working to keep or care about lists. If you want to contact us through this form we will use the email you provide to respond and address you by the name provided, whether real or fictitious. This website does not use cookies and we don’t have anything you can log-in to, so we don’t collect any information that can be used, sold, bartered, exchanged or leveraged in any way. If you don’t feel comfortable with sending your email through this form there are other lifestyle influencers woodworkers that can assist you with your digital rights.